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Join us Wednesday, August 12, 2015 for the 
Pierce County Cancer Survivorship Conference 

Equal Parts Inspiration & Education.

This FREE annual conference is open to all people affected by cancer as patients, family members and caregivers. Connect with other survivors to discuss and learn about the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the cancer journey. This event is presented by multiple community organizations and cancer care advocates.

2015 Session Topics

Keynote: Willie Stewart

Adjustment & Coping  |  Marney Hoffman

Cancer & Marriage  |  Beth Zier, MA, LMHCA

Stress & Anxiety  |  Betsy Allen

Mindfulness  |  Sean Pritchard
The endless stress and pressures of modern life can at times seem overwhelming. Stress can be a major factor in disease. The human mind hasa tendency to wander and not be present…Continue>>

Immunotherapy in Treating Cancer  |  Nahal Masood, MD

Chemo Brain & Memory Issues  |  Linda Terry

Personalized Medicine  |  Sibel Blau, MD

Breast Cancer Panel  |  Blau, Clark Pittier, Zinati, Hanisch

How to Document your Cancer Journey  |  Marie DeHaan, Cancer is a Funny Thing

Art  |  Gail Antilla

Walking Qigong  |  Mei Ling Marcantoni

Heart Meditation  |  Mei Ling Marcantoni

Eating for Survival  |  Tricia Sinek, RD/CD

Healthy Eating / Post Treatment Lifestyle  |  Betty Paul

ACS Cancer Research  |  Matt Shortridge

What is Palliative Care? |  David Brecher, MD

Tools for Survivorship  |  Ellen Hanisch

Humor & Laughter  |  TBD

Restorative Yoga for Recovery  |  Zoe Krusic
A gentle, compassionate sequence focused on rejuvenation and recovery. A simple sequence will be taught that can be practiced at home by a beginner or advanced student of yoga…Continue>>

Chair Yoga  |  Zoe Krusic
A gentle, compassionate sequence focused on balance and flushing out toxins. A simple sequence will be taught that can be practiced at home by a beginner or advanced student of…Continue>>

Exercise  |  Eva Rasor

Fitness & Cancer Survival  |  Gae Dougherty

Now What?  |  Karen Buckley, LICSW

Self-Care for the Caregiver  |  Karen Buckley, LICSW

YMCA Livestrong Fitness & Survival  |  Gae Dougherty

Bereavement  |  Barb McHenry & Powers Funeral Home

Positive Affirmations  |  Mike Wilkins
I will provide information that will help individuals think, act and execute differently causing a mind shift that will result in positive affirmations…Continue>>

Minimizing Post Surgical Scars  |  Karen Witters, OTR/L

Reflexology  |  Linda Frank

Alternative/Holistic Adjunct Therapy  |  TBD

Natural Cleaning  |  Denise Franks

Decluttering Techniques  |  Denise Franks

Organic Heart Healthy Cooking  |  Anessa McClendon
I will demonstrate 2 recipes that compliment a healthy heart style diet plan, including tips on knife skills and plate presentation…Continue>>

*Schedule and session topics are subject to change.